General Ideas about the Thai language

Thai language is like a musical language. There are 5 tones in our language.


This will be quite challenging to a new learner to practice speaking Thai. I personally encourage you to focus on your tones because sometimes you may find some words confusing. For example: The Thai word  “maa” (มา) with the flat tone means “come” but the word “măa” (หมา) with the rising tone means “dog”. There are also some vowels that might be difficult for you to pronounce because there is no near equivalent in English. We don’t have final consonant sound ‘s’ but instead we use voiceless ‘t’. We also have hard time pronouncing such final consonant sounds as /ch/, /sh/, /z/, /x/, /v/, /th/ and many more. It’s recommended that you should also learn how Thai people pronounce some English words with Thai accent to understand them better.

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Thai!


  1. You will be able to get better communication. (e.g. when buying things, finding directions to new places, fixing small problems at your house, and many other situations)
  2. You will get the answers to your questions.
  3. You will learn more about Thai people and Thai culture at the same time to understand them better.
  4. You can make Thai friends or have a nice Thai girlfriend/ boyfriend.
  5. You will have more job opportunities than the other expats who don’t know Thai.
  6. You will know and understand when some people are gossiping about you!
  7. You will be able to solve minor conflicts and reduce risks.
  8. You will be able to bargain price and you will be less likely to run into scams.
  9. You will feel proud of yourself because any non-Thai speaking foreigners are sure to envy your Thai skills.
  10. Thai people will appreciate you and look at you differently in a positive way!

My Educational Background

I graduated with my first-class honour degrees (both Bachelor’s degree* and Master’s degree**), majoring in English.

I am quite sure my English is good. You will easily understand when I explain the Thai lessons in English.


*B.A.Degree from Silpakorn University

** M.A. Degree from NIDA


Please don’t hesitate to learn Thai with tutor “Kwang”!

About Tutor Kwang

Looking for a good Thai private teacher?   

If you are a foreigner who lives in Bangkok,

I am here for you!

I am an optimistic, fun-loving, hard-working, committed Thai teacher with a lot of experience in teaching Thai to foreigners for more than 7 years.

I enjoy creating fun, easy, practical, and interesting lessons to suit all types of students. I used to teach students from age 4 to 80!

I am capable to teach all skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

I always include new trendy words and slang and some up-to-date information about Thai culture in my lessons.


My Work Experience

I used to work for many famous language schools as a Thai teacher/ tutor such as:

Language Express, Inlingua, Pueng Bay Language School (MTL), Invent Academy and including Bangkok Refugee Center.

I used to be an invited lecturer teaching a Thai course (Telephone Conversation) at Bangkok University.

I used to be an English teacher at US Embassy, Bangkok.

I am now currently an English-Thai tutor at U-Success (tutorial school close to BTS Chong Nonsi).


To learn more about the Thai language and culture with a reasonable price, please feel free to contact me.

My Services

Teaching Thai to foreigners/ expats living in Bangkok.

Teaching English to Thai students.

Translation Services: Thai >> Eng   or Eng >> Thai


Tuition Rates: 400-500 Baht per an hour (depending on where you live in Bangkok)

Extra services: English to Thai or Thai to English Translation Services (200-300 baht per an A4 paper)

Teaching Materials

I normally select many different Thai-English books and some useful and practical sources from the Internet including some TV shows,  and music to learn more about Thai culture...

and I often create my own lessons to suit your needs.



Testimonial 1

Mr. Bav

"Kru Kwang was my private lessons teacher at my old language school and I also study privately with her now. I have learnt a lot of Thai very quickly with her. When we first started, she helped me memorise basically the whole alphabet in a few lessons and then the vowels very quickly after. She made sure my pronunciation of syllables was correct from the start which has helped a lot with my subsequent learning and day to day speaking. Out of all the teachers I have had, she is the most bilingual which is why she's able to answer all my questions very easily and explain the answers in a way I can understand and remember. Also in rare times that she doesn't know the answer, she has always made the effort to get me the answer for our next class - even when I have forgotten about it. Now, I'm not a beginner anymore so we are able to jump between topics a lot and she is very good at this. For me personally, it helps me build links between similar sounding words and remember each words meaning. On a final note, Kru Kwang has always helped me learn things that will be useful for me, in my life in Thailand. We always do plenty of examples and review the topics recently studied which is why I have been able to progress so quickly".


Testimonial 2

Mr. Robert

"I learned so much from Kru Kwang, she is a great person and made learning Thai fun. She has lots of great material to learn from - she had useful worksheets and books, but even better, she used material from Thai culture - TV shows and music, to teach as well. If you're interested in learning Thai that people use, learn from Kru Kwang".


Testimonial 3

Mr. Brian

"I studied advanced Thai with Kru Gwang for over a year. I needed a teacher who could help me improve my vocabulary and conversational fluency, and she was a perfect fit. Each lesson was full of interesting conversation and expanded vocabulary, which we covered in a fun and relaxed way. I highly recommend her if you are looking to take your Thai to the next level!"


Testimonial 4

Mr. Anthony

"I studied with tutor Kwang for about 8 months. I consider myself intermediate level student, and started with a basic level speaking. She quickly taught me how to read and write so that I can accelerate skills. Tutor Kwang is very fun to work with. She teaches me practical lessons, all kinds of Slang, things relevant to Thai culture...and she tailors her lessons that are relevant to my life and my work. Very fun and very educational."

Contact me now!

Ms. Korrakot Charoensook ((Kwang))

Line id:  kruukwangdolly

Mobile Phone: 0917755571

Email Address: cooldeerkwang@gmail.com